Accounting Policies and Procedure Manuals

The Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual establishes ORGANIZATION 's policies in various financial-related areas and sets forth the procedures to be followed in adhering to those policies. This manual is to be used by ORGANIZATION and its employees to assure that ORGANIZATION's financial resources are properly safeguarded and utilized only for authorized purposes. Management realizes that the procedures set forth in this manual may become inadequate because of changes in conditions. As such, Management, as authorized by the Board of Directors will revise, modify, and update this manual as conditions warrant. ORGANIZATION will follow the established policies and procedures in fulfilling its fiscal responsibility and in maintaining its accountability to its funding sources.

Our team at The Alchamii can support your organization in writing customized Standard Operating Procedures(SOPs) manual. Some of the most used SOPs sought by businesses world wide includes:

    • Human Resource Policies and Procedures Manual
    • Work from home Policy Manual
    • Anti-discrimination and Harassment Policies and Procedures Manual
    • Grievance Handling Policy and Procedure Manual
    • Social Media Policy and Procedure 
    • Discipline and Termination Policy and Procedure Manual
    • Information and Data Privacy Policy and Procedure Manual
    • Return to Work Policy and Procedure Manual

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