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DMCC Auditors and Liquidators for your DMCC Company Audit and DMCC Company Liquidation (Chartered Accountants Audit Firm in DMCC and Auditors in Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)

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The Alchamii is a registered auditing firm of DMCC and an approved Audit Firm in DMCC as approved auditors of DMCC Companies. Here is the link to DMCC Approved Auditors 2022

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We are approved consultants for the registration of DMCC Companies. Our name is present in the list of DMCC Approved auditors and audit firms. Being an approved auditor in DMCC and consulting firm in DMCC, we have provided audit, accounting, bookkeeping and consultancy services to numerous organisations. DMCC is a regulated free zone in UAE, and the alchamii has a dedicated DMCC expert auditors and consultancy team to serve the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) audit and consultancy clients’ legal and regulatory obligations. The Alchamii is in the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) list for the approved auditors and DMCC approved company liquidators.

As per Article 71.3 of the DMCC Authority Company Regulations updated on 2 January 2020, Within six months, or such other period prescribed by DMCC Authority, after the end of the financial year of the Company, the accounts for that period must be:

(a)  prepared and approved by the Directors;
(b)  examined and reported on by an auditor approved by DMCCA; and
(c)  laid before a General Meeting for discussion and, if thought fit, approved by its Shareholders together with a copy of the auditor’s report.

Accordingly, the deadline for submission of audited accounts for a DMCC Company having 31 December 2021 as its financial year shall be 30 June 2022 unless any other period is prescribed by DMCC Authority .

DMCC accredited auditors or DMCC certified audit firms in Dubai must audit financial statements. The DMCC has its own procedure for chartered accounting firms. Not all UAE based auditors and accounting firms  are  allowed to audit DMCC entities and must go through the registration process. A DMCC list of approved auditors and liquidators can be found on the DMCC website. Audits of DMCC companies must be conducted in accordance with International Standards on Auditing(ISA). The Alchamii’s auditors of DMCC clients are knowledgeable and experienced. Our auditing and accounting experts have developed the methodology we believe to be the most effective and efficient in today’s auditing process. As a client, you  benefit from our best auditing techniques, which enables us to detect risks that your company faces and ensures a high-quality, detailed audit (review) of your company’s financial operations.

Be it for DMCC License Cancellation, DMCC License Termination, DMCC Company Winding Up, and DMCC Company Liquidation, The Alchamii is approved for all the tasks. Any Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) Company Liquidation Procedures and Legal Matters Related to DMCC Company Liquidation can be handled by us. Simply contact us to appoint us as your DMCC company liquidator for your DMCC Company license cancellation/ termination resolution, All liquidation documentation, utility cancellations and clearance certificates, bank account closure, no liability certificate, audited balance sheet for liquidation (financial statements). Liquidation report for DMCC company liquidation will be handled by our qualified DMCC Company liquidators. The careful inspection and analysis by our experts ensure that the organisation runs smoothly.

The news for our client is that DMCC has extended the deadline for the submission of the AFS with the final year-end date of 31 December 2021 from 29 June 2022 to 30 September 2022.


Frequently Asked Questions About our serivce

Auditing is required for all registered companies of the Dubai Multi Commodity Centre (DMCC). Every DMCC member company is required to appoint an auditor in accordance with DMCC Company regulations. Each DMCC company should make sure the auditor is listed on the Approved Auditors List and registered with DMCC as an Approved Auditor. The company whose registration is done with DMCC should get its financial statement approved by a company present of list of DMCC registered and approved auditors.The DMCC-approved auditors, Alchamii, conduct an audit of the books of accounts in compliance with the requirements of the International Standards on Auditing (ISA). Without compromising the independence of auditing, we also assist you in designing and preparing your financial statements in compliance with IAS/IFRS. We advise enhancing internal control procedures since doing so will increase operational effectiveness.

Within 90 days of the conclusion of each fiscal year, DMCC Members, or all DMCC-affiliated companies, are required to upload the auditor’s signed and stamped Audited Financial Statements Summary Sheet and the Audited Financial Statements Report. as AFS, is required to be filed by a Member Company in accordance with the DMCC Approved Auditors Rules. To study its annual accounts and prepare its annual report, the Member Company shall designate an Approved Auditor. The Member Company is responsible for making sure the Audit Firm is an Approved Auditor before engaging it to create the Audit Report for an AFS.

The deadline for submitting the audited financial statement (AFS) with the fiscal year’s end of December 31, 2021, was extended by Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) to June 29, 2022.The Alchamii is listed as an approved auditor and a company liquidator on the DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) website.

Every company operating in the DMCC Free Zone must have their books of accounts audited by auditors who have been registered and approved with the DMCC Authority. The Alchamii is situated in the Business Bay area of Dubai. The Alchamii is one of the top DMCC Approved Auditors . To guarantee DMCC compliance in the UAE, our licenced DMCC auditors offer the finest and fastest audit in DMCC. In the DMCC, an audit is the thorough examination of financial statements by a third party to identify and stop fraud and errors. A DMCC accredited auditor is needed to submit the annual financial records for all DMCC enterprises to the DMCC authorities. Companies registered in the DMCC free zone can benefit from an audit there in numerous ways, with some of the highlights including improved financial statements in terms of correctness and transparency. It also ensures and assures the information’s authenticity along with prompt renewal of a business licence.

 A leading DMCC Approved Auditors in the business Bay area,Uae is The Alchamii. All companies registered in DMCC must undergo an audit by an auditor who has been approved by DMCC. Each company is required by DMCCA regulations to select an auditor who will review and provide a report on the company’s financial records. By the conclusion of every fiscal year, all businesses must file their balance sheets (financial reports), which must be audited by a DMCC-approved auditor. Within three months of the conclusion of the Free Zone Establishment’s financial year, or within such longer period as the Authority may specify, each company shall deliver to the DMCCA a copy of its yearly audited financial statements. The DMCC clients’ audits are performed by competent and skilled Alchamii auditors. Our accounting and auditing professionals have created the approach that, is the most effective and efficient in the auditing process today

Companies having DMCC registration must submit their audited financial statements within four months of the end of their fiscal year. Financial statements in Dubai must be audited by DMCC recognised audit companies or DMCC accredited auditors. The DMCC website contains a list of authorised auditors and liquidators. The International Standards on Auditing must be followed while conducting audits of DMCC enterprises (ISA). The DMCC clients’ audits are performed by competent and skilled Alchamii auditors. The audit services offered by Alchamii, a DMCC Approved auditor in Dubai,Uae, are personalised, and we offer your company reliable solutions. We help effectively manage your audit requirements as a team with huge experience. DMCC’s CDA-approved auditors offer you the mot credible services with assurance which gives you a competitive edge in the market.

 A Registered Auditor’s job and responsibility is to ensure that the financial statements in conform with the necessary financial reporting requirements and present an accurate and fair picture of the organisation being audited’s financial status. This is done to increase investor trust. Alchamii carries out audit in compliance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA). We are listed auditor as per the Approved list of auditors,concentrating on offering our clients high-quality service in a timely manner. Every company is required to appoint an auditor who will review and provide a report on its financial records.